Message from the CEO

From CEO’s Pen :

(Irrespective of a few difference the people of same class facing the same trouble and same complication in their day to day life and almost they have the same type of requirements and needs.) Doesn’t it implies that a common platform for all the people belonging the same class may prove beneficial for them to struggle for the same thing jointly.

May be the thought is common, but thinking in this light is very uncommon due to selfish nature of us, a genetic inborn quality.

Selfishness makes someone alone but some time it teaches us the benefit of togetherness.

Really I feel proud as a employee of such a organization where the members truly  realizes the value of an organized mass and the power of unity. Now it became one of the need among the farmers of this area to participate in the FPO as a shareholder  because they are aware of it that through this opportunity not only they can save their money but it may save their time and labor also. The better quality inputs comes to them in right time with a reasonable rate, the techniques which may enhance their production is all ways waiting for them and ultimately the market is always open for their produce with the power of bargaining,  than what’s need more ???????????

-Amita Satpathy (CEO)